Happy chand raat

Happy chaand raat to you and your family,

Best regards.

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Mujhy mil gya bahana

Mujhy mil gya bahana

Teri deed ka,

Jesy khushi ly k aya chaand,

Eid ka.

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time,
I fell in love,

With a wrong person.

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Separation is a wound

Separation is a wound that none can heal,

But remembrance is a gift,

that none can steal.

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I wont force

I wont force you too love me,

But never let love be the reason to hate me.

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How can i

She hates me every second,

I love her every millionth part of second.

She brought me to live with a broken heart,

How can i?

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I was not

I was not heartless from beginning.

Its just after you broke my heart.

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The worst

The worst pain was seeing u with some one else.

And knowing that,

No one can love you more than me.

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Some broken Hearts

Some broken hearts never mind.

But me,

I will keep you in my hearts every broken piece.

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Teri dosti ny dia

Teri dosti ny dia sakoon itna,

K tery baad koi bhi accha na lagy,

Tujhy karni ho bewafaai to is adaa sy karna,

K tery baad koi bhi bewafa na lagy.

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